Sometimes, at night, you that golden hour when you suddenly feel creative, have the urge to clean and/or your mind is just going crazy. At least this is how I work, I'm a night owl.

Anyways, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I think that I want to start writing about my weight journey, not because I really want to share it, but because if it could help SOMEONE or inspire just one person I want that to happen. I'm no expert, what so ever, but it's always been a big part of my life. I have hated my weight as long as I can remember, and it's always been around me somehow. People say that you should never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about, although it's not entirely true, I feel like it fits to something like this.

I really need to gather more courage, and get things moving, but soon I will share a part (or maybe everything) about my journey. soon..


Yesterday was my nineteenth birthday, I didn't do anything special, it was just a normal schoolday for me. The family came over for coffee and cake the day before, of course. Now I'm one year older, one year wiser? Hah. No, but I really feel like becoming a better person this year. I always feel funny writing about weight and such, but I now I love to read about other peoples weight journey so I guess I need to look past that weird feeling.

Today may not be the first of January, monday or any day in particular but it's a new day. Everyday is a fresh start! And I am exited to start thinking twise about what I eat (again) and how I work out. I have been having some problems with that lately. It all started in the beginning of December, I just didn't have appetite AT ALL. That is very rare for me, and it was gone for the whole month of December and bigger part of January. Of course I lost a lot of weight but I didn't now what to feel about it to be honest. Should I be happy about it? Anyway, when my appetite came back I felt that I just wanted to take some time to eat exactly what I felt for, everyday. So I did. And I have not put much weight back but I still feel the anxiety... So that have to change now, I feel.

See u


So here is my breakfast for today! Just a banana and a super healthy bread with some cream cheese and tomato! (and green tea)

But the best part is the package I get to open while I eat, and wath The OC ofcourse hehe


Good evening, or night.. anyway, about a month ago I started to work out! YAY! It was actually a year ago I started to eat healthy, but I didn't really have a passion for it, and I didn't work out or anything. But for about a month now I've been really loving healthy food and actually been enjoying working out. So I just made another new category YAY, just so you know ..
Good Night!

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