some February favorites

Here is what I've been listening to

Favorite apps of the month is EyeEm, Spotify (been listening on music so mutch more than usual) and also Lifesume, because it's the best way I find to count calories. 

And I've been totally obsessed with the Tipsybartender channel on YouTube! Always wanted to work as a bartender, but even more right now!


Yesterday was my nineteenth birthday, I didn't do anything special, it was just a normal schoolday for me. The family came over for coffee and cake the day before, of course. Now I'm one year older, one year wiser? Hah. No, but I really feel like becoming a better person this year. I always feel funny writing about weight and such, but I now I love to read about other peoples weight journey so I guess I need to look past that weird feeling.

Today may not be the first of January, monday or any day in particular but it's a new day. Everyday is a fresh start! And I am exited to start thinking twise about what I eat (again) and how I work out. I have been having some problems with that lately. It all started in the beginning of December, I just didn't have appetite AT ALL. That is very rare for me, and it was gone for the whole month of December and bigger part of January. Of course I lost a lot of weight but I didn't now what to feel about it to be honest. Should I be happy about it? Anyway, when my appetite came back I felt that I just wanted to take some time to eat exactly what I felt for, everyday. So I did. And I have not put much weight back but I still feel the anxiety... So that have to change now, I feel.

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