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I'm not dead... I just wanted to say that haha!


Sometimes, at night, you that golden hour when you suddenly feel creative, have the urge to clean and/or your mind is just going crazy. At least this is how I work, I'm a night owl.

Anyways, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I think that I want to start writing about my weight journey, not because I really want to share it, but because if it could help SOMEONE or inspire just one person I want that to happen. I'm no expert, what so ever, but it's always been a big part of my life. I have hated my weight as long as I can remember, and it's always been around me somehow. People say that you should never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about, although it's not entirely true, I feel like it fits to something like this.

I really need to gather more courage, and get things moving, but soon I will share a part (or maybe everything) about my journey. soon..

some February favorites

Here is what I've been listening to

Favorite apps of the month is EyeEm, Spotify (been listening on music so mutch more than usual) and also Lifesume, because it's the best way I find to count calories. 

And I've been totally obsessed with the Tipsybartender channel on YouTube! Always wanted to work as a bartender, but even more right now!


Yesterday was my nineteenth birthday, I didn't do anything special, it was just a normal schoolday for me. The family came over for coffee and cake the day before, of course. Now I'm one year older, one year wiser? Hah. No, but I really feel like becoming a better person this year. I always feel funny writing about weight and such, but I now I love to read about other peoples weight journey so I guess I need to look past that weird feeling.

Today may not be the first of January, monday or any day in particular but it's a new day. Everyday is a fresh start! And I am exited to start thinking twise about what I eat (again) and how I work out. I have been having some problems with that lately. It all started in the beginning of December, I just didn't have appetite AT ALL. That is very rare for me, and it was gone for the whole month of December and bigger part of January. Of course I lost a lot of weight but I didn't now what to feel about it to be honest. Should I be happy about it? Anyway, when my appetite came back I felt that I just wanted to take some time to eat exactly what I felt for, everyday. So I did. And I have not put much weight back but I still feel the anxiety... So that have to change now, I feel.

See u




Is it just me, or can anyone relate to me when I say that my mind and my body does not work together. I mean, for example, when my mind want to organize something, or clean, my body says "NO!", and when my body want's it my mind says, "No, I want to do something else!". And it's always like that for me, so whenever I want to, or have to clean, I have to force my body or my mind, but more likely... the latter. Maybe it’s easier to control your mind than to control your body, or is it just that when your mind is controlled, your body feels like it’s in control. Of course I had a point with these thoughts, but I’ve kind of lost it... Good Night


I just wanted to say that I'm still alive! Back to school was three weeks ago and I told myself that I would go back to doing blog posts when I got back in to my routine, but that didn't happen! I'm not going to say that "I'm back" or "I'm gonna blog every day!"... I'm just gonna say "HI" XO


I'm sorry for the bad update! I was supposed to blog on monday, but I just kind of forgot, and then on tuesday I woke up to a phone call from my boss asking if I could work, so I did. I got home at like 9 or something and was super tired! I was supposed to work today aswell but the guy who I was filling in for wasn't sick anymore so here I am!

Tried out something bew with my nails, and I was very happy with the result!


I've been working today and will work tomorrow aswell, soo I'll be back on monday


I know there's gonna be a lot of "hey, I'm gonna start with this now" or "here's a new category", but I guess you have to start with that stuff.

Another new thing I want to start with is "What I ate Today", and that is not everyday, but maybe one or two times a week, I share what I've been eating that day. I always write that down in my food diary anyway so I thought maybe it would give you some inspiration.

So, I've always heard that if you want to be a successful blogger you should stick to one thing, but I don't think I can do that. I don't want it to be hard or forced, I just want to write what ever comes to my mind right then and there. So one day it's going to be "What I ate Today", and someday I would want to write more about my workouts and there is going to be a lot of makeup and beauty.

I <3 NARS .

Hi again!
So, the package I recived was from NARS. I ordered the Nars Pierre Hardy nail polish in shark, which by the way is the best nail polish I've ever tried! I also got their pressed powder in flesh, but I haven't tried that yet. AND As a new member of the NARS website I got a mini size Orgasm Illuminator, and it's gorgeous!


So here is my breakfast for today! Just a banana and a super healthy bread with some cream cheese and tomato! (and green tea)

But the best part is the package I get to open while I eat, and wath The OC ofcourse hehe


Good evening, or night.. anyway, about a month ago I started to work out! YAY! It was actually a year ago I started to eat healthy, but I didn't really have a passion for it, and I didn't work out or anything. But for about a month now I've been really loving healthy food and actually been enjoying working out. So I just made another new category YAY, just so you know ..
Good Night!


Hello! I've just created a new category, and for now, I just wanted to tell you about my new hair colour. I used to colour ny hair dark brown, and now I actually made it even darker, black brown to be exact.

I used the New Schwarzkopf Color Mask, and I LOVED it!


My new converse!

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