Really bad update this week but i will be back!

Right now i'm in Gothenburg staying at a friend...


Fuck it's thursday! Have to get up at 6 am tomorrow....


I'm sittinging school and i'm freezing and I'm gonna whine all day long... hehe


Hi! I just got home from practise driving with my mom! I'm getting the hang of it, and it is soooo much fun!

Now I'm going to take a shower and jump into bed because I'm really tired.


I just wanted to show some details on my new school stuff!
The things I bought:
Pencil Pocket in mintgreen with vintage roses on it.
A To Do list book thing hehe, it's really nice because I always write lists both in school and for other things.
And I also bought two pink books and two cute clips :) (I know, I'm a big nerd!)
And by the way, here's me in my brown contact lenses:
Update on the lenses, I've been wearing them for 12 hours now and my eyeballs doesen't feel scratchy!


My new school stuff!! Love it


Hello! I got my colored contact lenses in my eyes today, tried to put them in yesterday and it worked out much better than the last time. My problem is not to get them in my eyes, but my eyes are so dry and I can feel them moving around and scratching my eyeball all day long. I've been wearing them for 4 hours now and my eyeballs are fine! yay! They are brown by the way (and I have blue eyes).

Last week I ordered some really cute school stuff and today they arrived! Pictures later!


Hi! Just sitting in bed watching Friends eating my breakfast right now!

Is it just me, or do other people write lists just like me? It can be a shopping list or a list of things I have to do for that day.. Todays list has "clean my room" in it... way. to. tired!


It's friday! So me and my friend Joel is testing the new rosè wine pink bubbly from Black Tower and oh my god it's the most delicious wine I've ever tried!!


Today we were working on exposure in media class, and this is my favourite picture of the bunch.
Guess what i'm eating right now? STRAWBERRIES! Oh god I miss the summer strawberries already.. But I will rather eat these (still delicious) than wait a whole year to eat strawberries!


Just painted my nails with Essie Splash of grenadine, nice colour for fall.


Look what I found on Indiska! I love love love it.

Monthly favorites August

I'm gonna start with monthly favorites, and here you have the first one! And hopefully this is going to be on youtube in the future, me talking about it insted of like this..
Shopping schoolstuff!
I'm a nerd..
EOS Smooth Sphere Organic Lip Balm in Honeysuckle
SUPER moisturizing! And I really love the smell and "taste".
Maybelline New York Baby lips in Pink Punch
Beautiful color an moisturizing at the same time, and it stays on for hours on me!
Urban Decay Naked palette
This is gonna be in my monthly favorites every month i think. I really just can't get enough!
"Sin" is my favorite color in the palette right now.
Tarte Smooth operator
This gives me a flawless finnish on top of my foundation and stays on all day long (and night too!).
What can I say? ADDICTIVE
Skrillex (Sonny Moore) - Father Said
The Tallest Man on Earth - The Dreamer


I just got home from visiting my father and brothers after school.

This is what I have to carry around all day, every day (almost). My neck hurts...
It does not look like much but my computer is heavy!


Hi! Here I am again, telling myself to start blogging... I really don't get why it's so hard when it's something I really want to do.. But okay, here it goes.


Instagram pictures from the past couple of months:






See you..

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