I just wanted to say that I'm still alive! Back to school was three weeks ago and I told myself that I would go back to doing blog posts when I got back in to my routine, but that didn't happen! I'm not going to say that "I'm back" or "I'm gonna blog every day!"... I'm just gonna say "HI" XO


I'm sorry for the bad update! I was supposed to blog on monday, but I just kind of forgot, and then on tuesday I woke up to a phone call from my boss asking if I could work, so I did. I got home at like 9 or something and was super tired! I was supposed to work today aswell but the guy who I was filling in for wasn't sick anymore so here I am!

Tried out something bew with my nails, and I was very happy with the result!


I've been working today and will work tomorrow aswell, soo I'll be back on monday


Blog post will be up later tonight!


Hi, I'm not dead. I've just totally forgotten about my blog. I'm thinking about finally doing my first make up video but I don't know if I'm going to post it here right away..

And once again I'm gonna try to blog every day...

aaaaand here is the cutest little baby ever seen!


Really bad update this week but i will be back!

Right now i'm in Gothenburg staying at a friend...


Fuck it's thursday! Have to get up at 6 am tomorrow....


I'm sittinging school and i'm freezing and I'm gonna whine all day long... hehe


Hi! I just got home from practise driving with my mom! I'm getting the hang of it, and it is soooo much fun!

Now I'm going to take a shower and jump into bed because I'm really tired.


I just wanted to show some details on my new school stuff!
The things I bought:
Pencil Pocket in mintgreen with vintage roses on it.
A To Do list book thing hehe, it's really nice because I always write lists both in school and for other things.
And I also bought two pink books and two cute clips :) (I know, I'm a big nerd!)
And by the way, here's me in my brown contact lenses:
Update on the lenses, I've been wearing them for 12 hours now and my eyeballs doesen't feel scratchy!


Hi! Just sitting in bed watching Friends eating my breakfast right now!

Is it just me, or do other people write lists just like me? It can be a shopping list or a list of things I have to do for that day.. Todays list has "clean my room" in it... way. to. tired!


Today we were working on exposure in media class, and this is my favourite picture of the bunch.
Guess what i'm eating right now? STRAWBERRIES! Oh god I miss the summer strawberries already.. But I will rather eat these (still delicious) than wait a whole year to eat strawberries!


I just got home from visiting my father and brothers after school.

This is what I have to carry around all day, every day (almost). My neck hurts...
It does not look like much but my computer is heavy!


Haha jag hittade min kamerasladd!


Sitting in the sun, nice

My Skincare Routine in pictures

1. Clinique liquid facial soap
Combination oily to oily
2. Clarifying lotion
Combination oily
3. Dramatically different moisturizing gel
Combination oily to oily
4. All about eyes
5. Superdefense SPF 25
Age defense moisturizer


Jo min kamerasladd är för alltid borta tror jag så bloggandet har inte blivit så kul för varken er eller mig.. Men jag har ju äntligen skaffat mig min älskade iPhone 4 (fast en 4s blir det när som helst nu) så nu går det faktiskt att ta hyfsade bilder och jag kan dessutom redigera och blogga igenom mobilen min.

Massor av smink från USA är på ingång, och på fredag är de hos mig wiiiiie! Har också funderat på att börja "videoblogga" om smink och så på youtube men nu ska jag inte lova för mycket! Stay tuned people...

Fina våren

Älskar de rosa träden!


God dag! Jag har bara två lektioner i skolan idag, och en utav dem är gympa, så inget roligt smink idag inte..

Det måste vara väldigt roligt att se en fruktansvärt dålig cambild på mig!

Jag behöver hjälp alla där ute! Kommentera vad ni vill att jag ska skriva mer om, eller börja skirva om osv. Tack


En lugn söndag idag. Jag har fortfarande inte hittat min kamerasladd och jag kan bara inte förstå vart den tagit vägen.. Har tänkt mycket på om den blivit stulen, men jag har alltid haft med mig både kameran och den, och varför skulle någon sno en kameraladdare och inte själva kameran också om den nu ligger bredvid. Finns fortfarande ett ställe den kan vara, så jag ska leta ihjäl mig nästa gång jag är där..

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