I'm sorry for the bad update! I was supposed to blog on monday, but I just kind of forgot, and then on tuesday I woke up to a phone call from my boss asking if I could work, so I did. I got home at like 9 or something and was super tired! I was supposed to work today aswell but the guy who I was filling in for wasn't sick anymore so here I am!

Tried out something bew with my nails, and I was very happy with the result!


I've been working today and will work tomorrow aswell, soo I'll be back on monday


I know there's gonna be a lot of "hey, I'm gonna start with this now" or "here's a new category", but I guess you have to start with that stuff.

Another new thing I want to start with is "What I ate Today", and that is not everyday, but maybe one or two times a week, I share what I've been eating that day. I always write that down in my food diary anyway so I thought maybe it would give you some inspiration.

So, I've always heard that if you want to be a successful blogger you should stick to one thing, but I don't think I can do that. I don't want it to be hard or forced, I just want to write what ever comes to my mind right then and there. So one day it's going to be "What I ate Today", and someday I would want to write more about my workouts and there is going to be a lot of makeup and beauty.

I <3 NARS .

Hi again!
So, the package I recived was from NARS. I ordered the Nars Pierre Hardy nail polish in shark, which by the way is the best nail polish I've ever tried! I also got their pressed powder in flesh, but I haven't tried that yet. AND As a new member of the NARS website I got a mini size Orgasm Illuminator, and it's gorgeous!


So here is my breakfast for today! Just a banana and a super healthy bread with some cream cheese and tomato! (and green tea)

But the best part is the package I get to open while I eat, and wath The OC ofcourse hehe


Good evening, or night.. anyway, about a month ago I started to work out! YAY! It was actually a year ago I started to eat healthy, but I didn't really have a passion for it, and I didn't work out or anything. But for about a month now I've been really loving healthy food and actually been enjoying working out. So I just made another new category YAY, just so you know ..
Good Night!


Hello! I've just created a new category, and for now, I just wanted to tell you about my new hair colour. I used to colour ny hair dark brown, and now I actually made it even darker, black brown to be exact.

I used the New Schwarzkopf Color Mask, and I LOVED it!

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