Okey, I'm thinking about filming some kind of get ready with me/make up tutorial or something, but I don't really know which kind of tutorial... My everyday make up or my "party" make up.
I guess I'm going to do them both eventually, but to be honest I'm kind of nervous about filming this kind of video and not just that! It will take ages for me to get it on my computer, edit it and upoad it to Youtube. My computer has decided to get incredible slow, and it might take me hours and hours to edit it. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong.
Oh! I just made a Twitter account, follow me @KelaAlve

My first Youtube video!

From now on I will write my blog in english, aswell as talking and writing in english in my videos, don't ask me why because I just want to. So here you go, my first Youtube video:

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